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4 Herzl, #4  Raanana Israel

Tel: 058.617.9535

We treat it all.  

Maybe you simply want to find a way to achieve health without those pills.

Or you know there's a better way to treat your condition than what you have been told.

You have a strong intuition that you can get better if provided the right support.

Below, we highlight a few conditions that we excel in, especially in contrast to the traditional medical system. As always, we minimize the use of drugs and empower you to heal. 

Thoughtful and personalized multi-specialty approach

Discover how to achieve balance in your body and manage your disease naturally

Reproductive health, sexual fulfillment, fertility, vitality

Depression, Anxiety, PTSD

Emphasizes mind-body care

We help you get your life back and manage your pain without addictive pills

High blood pressure, diabetes, recurrent infections...we support the body and treat the root cause 


Mental Health



Womens Health

Chronic Conditions